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About why we made Vitamino even better

ready to start using vitamino

Some of our loyal customers already recognised the fundamental change we did towards making Vitamino better and more visible and accessible to everyone in this world. The most major change was that we recently launched an upgraded version of the website of Vitamino. We made several internal tests and came up with this standard that we have achieved in the last months of work.

  • Make Vitamino more affordable including the personalised nutrition.
  • Make it easier to order a subscription model (send in your hair, receive personalised nutrition every month, repeat this step every 3 months to make sure your nutrition level had time to adjust – based on recent studies this is a perfect timeframe for your body to adjust to the personalised nutrition and with retesting it every 3 months you can also make sure to keep track on the progress your body, mood and wellbeing is doing.
  • Enable credit card payments along with Paypal.
  • Be more visible on social media – we are increasing our awareness over the next several weeks with a special campaign for influencers.
  • Establish a referral method where you can invite your family and friends and let them try Vitamino and get rewarded for it.

If you think we have left out something, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we are more than happy to accommodate your thoughts and brainstorm together how to achieve a better version on Vitamino.

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Vitamino launches in Indonesia

vitamino launches in indonesia

We are very glad to announce that Vitamino is soon available also under the domain for our indonesian customers. We evaluated indonesia beside europe as a core market for vitamino and therefore we want to make sure that the indonesian customers will get the right support in their local language and also special products targeted towards the indonesian needs.

Vitamino UG is a personalised vitamin startup who measures nutrient level of humans, animals and delivery them with a personalised subscription of vitamins, amino acids and everything else which your body needs for a stable nutrient level.

Indonesia Rise in Aging Population: There is an increase in the aging of the population of Indonesia with those above 45 years or above reported at 12.5 million in 2013 which witnessed an increase to 14.5 million in the year 2018. There is large aged population group in Indonesia who have high rate of disease conditions related to dietary and working habits. Cardio vascular diseases, Obesity, and Hypertension are among the most common disease. The aged population raises a huge demand for Vitamins and Dietary Supplements and therefore driving demand for nutraceuticals in Indonesia.

Find out more here on the latest report why Indonesia’s Nutraceutical Market is Expected to Reach USD 11.4 Billion in Terms of Revenues by the Year Ending 2023

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Personalised supplements for stable nutrient level can prevent health issues

refill nutrition

The last several years especially the ecommerce industry has shown that personalisation is a big thing, you can nearly customize everything from your mouse-pad to over your t-shirt. But when it comes to health the industry lacked real innovation in the area of health and especially personalised health.

Vitamino is one of the leading startups in this space in europe who wants to change this as preliminary studies have shown that a stable nutrient level in your body is essential as the air you breath and the water you drink – so why use all those cheap supplements who are always overdosing your base line of nutrient level in your body?

There is a common misconception that people are just not aware of that talking more than the recommended amounts of vitamins or minerals won’t help – there could be even disadvantages.

But how should you know how your base line of nutrient level is and in which stage you are at the moment? As the nutrient level can be dramatically different if you are under constant stress, workout heavily and might not take care on your food diet as you should. Many people don’t even know which food they should take and which foods to prevent – this can also cause a lot of stress to your body.

With the amount of foods are recently enhanced, it’s also near to impossible for consumers like us to know the dose over the course of a day. Also doctors and therapists have to adapt to this development in the food industry that this could introduce new dietary imbalances because of this practise.

For example an adult who constantly exceed the 4.000 international units (IUs) which is the upper limit for vitamin D – might end up with dramatic and serious heart problems.

Or simply taking too much vitamin C or zinc, could cause nausea, diarrhea and stomach cramps. Hair loss could easily occur if you take too much selenium or other effects like gastrointestinal upset, fatigue and mild nerve damage could potentially be side effects of taking too much selenium as well.

So the conclusion is, start now with your personalised subscription of Vitamino – you send us your hair we create your nutrient level profile and deliver personalised vitamins to your doorstep. Every three months you make sure to send us the hair again so that we can retest them and evaluate your new nutrient level profile and compare that to the previous testing period and make sure you are constantly improving over time with personalised vitamins and amino acids from Vitamino.

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health on instalments

personalised nutrition helps

As you came most probably our previous coverage about why we have changed the business model slightly from Vitamino if not you can read it here.

Why we believe health on instalments is the goal to make us humans more healthy

Since we already covered this topic in another blog post that if you can keep your nutrient level of your body in a balance throughout the years of your life you can prevent hefty hospital bills as every body responds different to nutrition and supplements, therefore also the usages of nutrition levels can vary depending on your individual lifestyle. 

Preliminary studies out there said that it’s more likely that individuals stick with personalized nutrition advice based on hair analysis, DNA, blood biomarkers and genotypes. 

This is exactly what Vitamino stands for, affordable, personalised supplements which are accessible worldwide.

Lately we also launched in Indonesia, it’s amazing to us how different our education regarding nutrition and supplement is in Asia compared to europe – in Asia its very common that individuals tend to invest quite substantial in their health with regards to vitamins, supplements and balancing the right nutrient level for each individual person. This can decrease the risk of diseases and other severe health issues. This compared to Europe is black and white – many just live their lifestyle and this lifestyle can be quite exhausting on your body over several years. Recent studies have also shown that individuals think that they are healthy when they eat right from time to time and go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, but the underlying basis of how effective you burn calories, or digest healthy fats are subject to your nutrient level and if this nutrient level is always showing a deficit you can imagine yourself how counterproductive this is towards your body.

Personalized nutrition is big business—and estimates say the market will reach upwards of $11.5 billion by 2025, a good example is Gatorade, you might remember them when even you took them into your gym session. They are currently getting into the game of personalized sports hydration, embracing a chip-enabled skin patch to enable the “smart” bottle technology which measures the athletes hydration & sweat to deliver just the right fuel and nutrients.

This is crucial for every athlete to get exactly what they need in many ways not just beside establishing the right nutrient level. 

If you haven’t tried vitamino yet, try it – Hair testing is a less invasive based approach to measure your nutrient levels.

You can order your personalised subscription with as little as 0,99 Euro per day.