One Vitamin pill to rule them all

Meet the unique Vitamino pill, which is personalised based on your needs. All what we need is your hair, its analysed and we will receive the nutrition levels of your body. Start to understand what nutrition deficits can do to your body.

The number of unique nutrition combinations Vitamino can achieve.

  • Vitamino C 200 mg
  • XXX - 1 20 mg
  • XXX - 2 150 mg
  • XXX - 3 88 mg
1 GABA 26%
2 Alpha-Liponsaure 65%
3 Beta-Carotin 70%
4 Bromelain 24%
5 Cholin 8%
6 Coenzym Q10 41%

Always with you.
Track the performance.

We love transparency, thats why we loveto engage you to make sure that each personalised Vitamino order will do, what we promise. Test results in your inbox and get your Personalised vitamins delivered to you every month.

Get what you need, every month.

We want to make sure, your body will get what it needs. Did you know that simply taking any nutrition could be contra productive for your body? We analyse your hair every month to make sure you get what you need.

14% Decrease
33% Increase
refill nutrition

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Personalised vitamins can help you balance

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The Time Expert loves Vitamino.

With a simple, painless and proven test method, vitamino determine the need for nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, trace elements and many more.

(Anna Jelen, Switzerland)

Affordable Prices

Health on instalments understand that nutrition deficits can have huge impact on your health and balanced well being.

If your nutrient levels are already optimal, you will get your money back.

Vitamino.de sponsors WSFC

in Austria WSFC – Westside Fighting Challenge stands for professional MMA in Austria. The WSFC is the only label in Austria that has an official Shooto license. One of the largest MMA organizations in the world with its own rules and international standards.

The Westside Fighting Challenge is a great platform for participating athletes to prove themselves internationally.


Daniel Maier

Micronutrient Coach

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We also like to advise you personally

Do you have any questions, would you like a consultation or just not fancy online forms? We help you and guide you on your way to decision.

I recently had a vitamino test done. The price is really great and within 3 days the test kit was there. The test has shown me which substances are consumed in the body - for me it was arginine, zinc, BCAA and various vitamins (B, C, E and D) (Do a lot of sports). Will be tested again in a few months.
via Proven Expert review
Vitamino Customer


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