Personalized Vitamins Based On Your Hair


Hair testing is a less invasive based approach to measure your nutrient levels.

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Vitamino Test

  • Nutrient Test to identify your deficiencies

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Monthly Refills From Only 30 Euro/Month
  • 1 Nutrition Level test
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  • Monthly refill nutrition only (30 Euro)

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Why testing every 3 months?

Make sure your nutrition level is always in the optimal level


Every human is different, especially in lifestyle. 


With the Vitamino technology we are able to visualise how your body responds to each individual nutrition


Our technology automatically adjusts the monthly orders based on your nutrition level

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We have learned and adopted certain lifestyle which might not be beneficial for your nutrition level. We gather this information not through blood but measured through your hair.

Make sure your body gets, what it really needs and don’t flood him with nutrition which he don’t need and could have a negative impact.

Highest quality nutrition every month delivered to your doorstep based on your individual need.

Gluten free
Lactose free
Fructose free
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